Wusthof Classic Knives

Wusthof is synonymous with professional excellence as far as kitchen knives are concerned, and their Classic Line carries the brand’s flagship style marked by knives that are sharp, durable, and comfortable in the hand. The trademark design for this line is the PEtec edge design and a three rivet, germ-resistant handle that feels like real wood. The blades are forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel that give the knife a solid stability and battle-ready sharpness making it suitable for daily use, whether you’re a professional chef or somebody who just loves to cook.

Best Wusthof Classic Knives

Wusthof Classic Chef’s/ Cook’s Knives

Wusthof Classic Chef Knife

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This knife set features the ultimate kitchen workhorse, the Chef’s knife, designed to be suitable for daily tasks such has chopping, mincing and dicing and is regarded by many as the essential kitchen knife because of it’s perfectly-sized blade which can be used for dicing onions or cutting through pieces of meat. At first glance this knife is also a stunner, with a clean and sleek profile and a solid-looking build. The moment you hold it in your hands you’ll know why this knife is a crowd favorite. It has the right mix of weight and balance that you feel like a pro just holding it. Cutting through a piece of meat or vegetable feels like cutting through butter, thanks to the razor sharp forged steel blade. The triple rivet polypropylene handles give you a solid, firm grip so you can chop or dice to your heart’s content, with very little effort.

Wusthof Classic Santoku Knife Set

Wusthof Classic Santoku Set

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The Classic Santoku knife set is designed to be a chef’s and a paring knife. At first glance, this santoku looks impressive, with it’s hollowed edge that gradually curves up to provide a straighter slice. Hold it in your hands and you will feel the trademark solid and stable grip that you can expect with every knife on this set. If you’re wondering what the hollow edges are for, they create air pockets that prevent food from sticking to the blade. The design makes this knife a great option for chopping and dicing fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits, as well as starchy produce that like to stick to the blade.

Like other knives in the Classic line, the shell is forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel for stability and durability which you can feel just by holding it. The knife is very comfortable in the hand and has a nice balance on the blade which make it great for extended use since it doesn’t weigh you down. The blades tend to dull after a while so regular sharpening is ideal to keep it sharp for daily use.

Wusthof Classic Paring Knives

Wusthof Classic Pairing Knife Set


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At first glance, the small size and different blade shapes may seem intimidating. Hold it and you’ll see that the knife has the right amount of weight to feel secure despite the size, and the sculpted resin handle gives you a firm grip as you dice, pare or peel. One of the staple knives in this set is the 3 and 1/2 inch paring knife with a small narrow blade that tapers to a fine tip, making it a great option for peeling or detailed work. The blade is stain and corrosion-resistant and the handles feel comfortable, whether you have large or small hands.

Wusthof Classic knives are one of the best knives in the industry. The forged construction, solid design and sharp blades that last for years make the Classic line one of the best buys you can make for your kitchen.