Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knives Set

wusthof classic 8 pc setThe ergonomics, workmanship and high carbon steel used to make this kitchen knives set are what distinguish it from other kitchen knives. Whenever I’m using these German knives, I feel the exquisite balance and heft that I’ve never felt with other kitchen knives.

The Feel is What Matters

In fact, the Wusthof Classic knives are so perfectly designed that you may never want to use any other knives again. The stain resistant high carbon steel that makes these knives is attested by chefs all over the world. Who doesn’t know German steel makes great knives?

The Wusthof Classic knives have a full tang, which is an extension of the blade to the end of the handle. This means that the weight of each knife is evenly distributed throughout its length, so the wrist won’t suffer even if you cut a whole bag of potatoes.

Good Basic Set to Start With

I love how the Wusthof Classic set is a great value for the money because most people will find a use for every piece in the set. This beautiful set of German-made kitchen knives has five most commonly used knives, a steel for sharpening, kitchen shears, and a lovely, solid oak knife block.

The basic 3: chef, utility and paring knives, are without doubt the most used knives in this set. Best of all, the set includes a bread knife which is just what I need for slicing my homemade loaves. The other knife is a sandwich knife that can also be used as a carving knife.

Sharp and Great Edge Retention

Do you know that German knives have a softer steel than the Japanese knives? The blades of the Wusthof Classic knives are sturdy and very maneuverable. The edge of the knives come sharp and designed in a way that keeps it sharp for longer than most forged knives.

However, as the Wusthof Classic kitchen knives are going to last you a whole lifetime, there will be times when you need to resharpen them. A good way to keep these kitchen knives in good shape is to hand wash and not put them in the dishwasher. Always wash each knife after using it and wipe dry before storing.

As a note of precaution, never ever leave these knives in the sink and take care of those fingers when washing them! Don’t use a coarse scrubbing sponge if you don’t want scratch marks on the soft steel of the blade.
wusthof classic
For Lifetime Use

For the figure you will be spending on this kitchen knives set, you get a lifetime’s worth of use out of these amazing, high quality knives. The knife block even has extra slots in it so that you have space for later purchases like steak knives.
I have bought a set of Wusthof Classic steak knives to complete the set and boy, do my guests swoon over them! But that is a story for another review.

Anyway, Wusthof gives a lifetime warranty for their kitchen knives so what are you waiting for?

If this kitchen knife set is way over your budget, I recommend you check out the Ginsu Chikara knife set or these cheap knife sets, or go to my Kitchen Knives Reviews to find out what you should get.

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