Top 10 Kitchen Knives

Cooking could be a whole lot easier if you have the best kitchen knife to use for each task. Buying kitchen knives separately gives you that advantage over the best knife set. I have a compilation here of the top 10 kitchen knives that are the most commonly bought as a separate knife.

# 1

Wusthof Classic Chef KnifeIf you’re more comfortable using classic knife designs you should take a look at the Wusthof Classic chef knife.

This chef knife is a versatile knife that is capable of doing a lot more than mere slicing and dicing.

This German knife has a hardy build that will take whatever you throw at it. The ergonomics of the handle is also impeccable. So no matter your level of expertise, this professional chef knife will serve you well.

# 2

shun classicFrom the far east, Japanese knife producer Shun is one of the best Japanese knives craftsmen in the business.

The sheer elegance that radiates through the Shun Classic chef knife is astounding. The metallic glow combined with the signature annular ridges make the knife appealing to everyone who lays eyes on it.

Trust me, this beauty has more than looks alone. Slicing is done easily thanks to the razor sharp blade this knife has.

# 3

Henckels Twin Four Star Chef KnifeThe Henckels chef knife from the Twin Four Star series is easy on the wrist and easy to manage, so it’ll be perfect for just about anyone. This Henckels blade is a work of art. It is made from the best steel with a high carbon compound, so this forged knife is a lot stronger compared to the rest of its competition.

The other thing I love about this knife in particular is that even with frequent usage, the blade and the tip of the knife stay sharp. Since the knife stays sharper for a longer time, there’s a lot less sharpening involved. This was also a well designed knife because it was well balanced.

# 4

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife 40520On a tight budget, Victorinox 40520 is your knife. This is one of the best chef knives to consider if you’re not planning to spend that much on kitchen knives.

It may not have a polished finish or a signature design but its durability is assured. The practical uses of this knife like all other chef knives are endless.

The simple black handle is nothing fancy but I will attest to its ergonomics. It is really easy to use so do check it out.

# 5

Shun DM0701 Classic 6 Inch Utility KnifeI have to admit the Damascus form layer produced through the clad process of 16 different steel layers looks exquisite on the Shun Classic DM0701. This utility knife measures at only 6-inch so it is very easy to maneuver and use as you please.

The cylindrical D-bolster handle boasts better grip and when paired with a lifetime warranty, this beauty is a tempting purchase that nobody could regret.

# 6

This Kershaw santoku knife is unlike any other knife I had ever seen. The hollow ground blade of the knife gives it a rather chic and futuristic look. This in fact, accentuates the splendid cutting ability this knife has. The dimples help keep food from sticking to the blade.

Thanks to the shorter blade the Kershaw santoku knife is easy to manage and maneuver. The price of the blade is also so affordable that makes this santoku knife a real steal. So if you’re looking for a fun piece to spruce up your cutlery collection, you should look up this blade.

# 7

Zyliss Chef's KnifeThe rubber handled Zyliss chef’s knife has the aspect of comfort down to the T. In my books, kitchen knives are tools you use over and over again so if you don’t want to tire yourself out prematurely by using a badly designed one, comfort and balance should always be the key features to look into.

Aside the presence of the nice handle, the Zyliss Chef’s Knife has a sharp blade and a cover so you can place it in the drawer without worrying that it will harm its blade or a fumbling hand.

# 8

Victorinox Swiss ClassicErgonomics is a factor that never takes a back seat when it comes to Victorinox. The Swiss Classic chef’s knife is really easy to hold no matter what the purpose. I would have never thought in a million years that a plastic handle could be so comfortable. It fits perfectly in my hand.

For those who use dishwashers, this may be the kitchen knife for you because it is dishwasher friendly.

# 9

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 8-inch Chef's KnifeThe Henckels chef knife from the International Classic series is really durable. This 8 inch chef knife has a carbon steel blade that is stain resistant. Its full tang that is triple riveted to its handle ensures overall balance which makes the knife easy to use.

The high carbon steel is hardy and dishwasher friendly, but I always recommend hand washing your best knives to keep them in their best shape.

# 10

OXO Good Grips Professional 8-Inch Chef KnifeIt may surprise you to know that the chef knife by Oxo Good Grips is slightly more expensive than some of the others on this list.

This full tang 8 inch knife is perfectly balanced so there is no fatigue on the wrist while using it.

The rubber handle provides a snug fit in my hand and throughout the slicing, dicing and mincing the knife performed excellently.

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  1. Hi, I was surprised that chef knife by Oxo Good Grips is expensive than others. After read your explanation on that, I’ve just got to know. Thanks for the informative sharing with us!

  2. It is about time you get out of the mainstream consumer knives from Williams and Sonoma and Sur la Table and start looking at a real knife. Check out MAC knives ( Don’t take it from me because I am a nobody. Take it from people who use knives everyday professionally (I,e, Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert). They know a couple things about cooking…
    Have fun. I know I did once I made the switch.

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