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If you enjoy cooking, a good knife set is a must. However, good knife sets don’t come cheap and all you have is a small budget. Well, worry not, there are some cheap kitchen knives sets that are made with good quality and carries a good value for the money. If a cheap kitchen knife set is what you’re looking for, consider one of the sets I’ve reviewed below.

Best Cheap Knife Sets Under $100

The top two kitchen knives set under $100 are the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Pc Set and the Ginsu Chikara Signature 12-Pc Set.

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 1119644

Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged
The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 1119644 set is an excellent set of forged kitchen knives for the home cook, with great weight and balance. When properly cared for, these knives remain sharp for a long time. The rubberized grips on these knives make them less likely to slip out of wet hands and provides a nice level of safety. This kitchen knives set comes in a lovely bamboo block, which looks great in any kitchen. Read more reviews of this set here.

Ginsu Chikara 07132

Ginsu 07132 12-Piece Chikara Signature Series
The Ginsu Chikara set is an excellent value and comes with everything the home chef needs in day-to-day cooking. This forged Japanese knives set is made of stainless steel and sharpened to a very good edge. The knives in the set are well balanced and the Japanese style round handles are comfortable to grip. They look beautiful in the block. Read more reviews for this set here.

If hand-washed and dried, both the Chicago Cutlery and the Ginsu knife sets will remain powerhouses in your kitchen for many years to come. Both manufacturers recommend not placing them in the dishwasher, as with most knife sets. If you have less than $100 to invest, look at these cheap kitchen knife sets reviews below.

Cheap Kitchen Knives Sets Under $50

You may not think you can get a quality knife set for less than $50, but these two sets are both exceptional.

Utopia Kitchen 6-Pc Kitchen Knives Set

Utopia Kitchen 6-Piece Knife Set
The Utopia Kitchen set is a stainless steel kitchen knives set that is sleek and extremely stylish for this price point. The one-piece knife design eliminates any possibility of damage to the handle from water or food juices. The set takes up very little counter space with the slim design of the glass knife holder. They even come with tip covers! Read more reviews for this set here.

Checkered Chef Ceramic Knife Set

Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set
The Checkered Chef is a good set of ceramic kitchen knives for the cheap price. If you are looking for something that retains edge well, this is your knife set to buy. While lacking the flexibility of steel knives, ceramic knives are free from rust and corrosion, bacteria-resistant and extremely sharp.

The ergonomic design of the handles keep your hand from banging on the cutting surface and give the knives a very comfortable grip. Ceramic knives require much less sharpening than stainless steel and will last for years if handled carefully. Read more reviews for this set here.

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  1. I personally love the set of Chicago Cutlery Fusion 1119644 very much! It makes me feel very convenient every time in kitchen with different cut design of the knives set. It really feel comfortable when you holding the rubberized grips of the knives and more safer and you will feel your hands won’t easily slip out when cutting.

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