Best Cutting Boards

Even the best knife wouldn’t be able to perform well without a good cutting board. The surface you choose to slice, dice and chop on should be just as important as the knives you so meticulously choose. Without the right cutting board, you may ruin the texture of your cuts or injure yourself. Besides the damage that a bad cutting board may even harbor hordes of bacteria and germs that will only bring about more problems.

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If you’re in a rut, you’ve come to the right place, with my years of experience, I have probably heard about all the myths and conflicting advices when it comes to picking a cutting board. I’ve even tried many cutting boards firsthand. Truthfully, there isn’t a best cutting board. But, these are the boards that I’ve used which came darn close.

Best Budget Cutting Board – Home Organics Three Piece Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

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home organics bamboo cutting boardThe Home Organics Three Piece Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is proof that not all good things come with an insane price tag. I was simply astonished at just how good a 3-piece cutting board at $9.99 could be.

First, this cutting board is an organic board. Therefore, is no artificial preservatives, dyes or chemicals used. Whatever you choose to slice and dice on this cutting board stays safe and au naturel at all times. Next, the heft and plastic feet that this cheap cutting board makes sure that the board never wobbles as you are cutting on it. Finally, this cutting board even has a lifetime replacement warranty so as long as you don’t soak your board you’re good to go.

If you are looking for a budget friendly organic bamboo cutting board, I’m certain that you’ll not find a better deal than this.


Best Plastic Cutting Board – Progressive Prepworks Plastic Cutting Board

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Even though I’m not a big fan of plastic cutting boards but, I’ve seen my share of good ones. The Prepworks by Progressive really comes in handy if you’re working with lots of wet or juicy ingredients.Progressive prepworks cutting board

The best feature that this cutting board has is a groove at all four edges of the board which collects excess liquids and prevents a messy situation.I found this to be especially helpful when working with raw meat, seafood and fruits. The “reservoir” as Progressive calls it, helped keep the liquids walled up on the board so it never touched my precious counter top.

This cutting board is dishwasher friendly and light enough to be stored easily. It’s a classic that everyone would love using.

Best Wooden Cutting Board – Teakhaus Teak Rectangular Cutting Board

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Teakhaus Teak Rectangular Cutting BoardIf you really want to kick it old school, your kitchen needs this wooden Teak cutting board. The cutting board is made of hard grained teak that is naturally oily, but the occasional oiling and maintenance work is necessary to keep it looking and feeling it’s best.

This wooden cutting board will last you a lifetime but it comes at a relatively steep price. The cutting board was even recognized by Cooks Illustrated recently being dubbed “ The Last Cutting Board You’ll Ever Need”.

If you are willing to take care of your cutting board, the Teak cutting board is one you should consider. It stays firm, doesn’t hurt your knives and can even double up as a classy serving tray.

Pro Tip

Many cutting boards these days are either made of plastic, bamboo or wood. Each of these materials have their own strengths and weaknesses. Both plastic and bamboo boards are hard on your knives and not harder to maintain. But when it comes to hygiene, plastic boards harbor the most bacteria.

This is why there isn’t really a best cutting board. We all know that the cutting board is an essential part of every kitchen and we’ll be lost without it. when it comes to making your decision, weigh out the pros and cons and make a compromise that you can live with.

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