Best Cheese Knife

Have you been in a situation when you are trying to impress your friends and family with a fancy cheese platter and totally destroyed it? Trying to “cheese” through? Well, I think it is time for you to get a real cheese knife.

Cheese knife is a type of kitchen knife used to prepare different varieties of cheese. There is a huge variety of cheese knives depending on the cheese you are cutting. However, we are going to look into the most common and popular types of cheese knives.

Cheese knives have a unique feature of having holes or raised lines on the blade to prevent sticking. The shape of cheese knives is unusual when compared to other kitchen knives. They have a blade that starts out thinner at the handle and gets wider away from the base. They may have a forked end that is used for serving slices of cheese. Furthermore, some cheese knives have angled handles to make cuts easier. Some of them also come with decorated or colorful handles to improve appeal when served together with the cheese on a platter. Sometimes, cheese knives are also used for cutting soft and sticky food, such as cheesecakes, pies and egg dishes.

Best Cheese Knives

The Cheese Knife OKP2

The Cheese Knife OKP2
When you’re slicing cheese into uniform slices, you may want to look at cheese wire, but when you’re cutting cheese in any other way, this cheese knife will handle the job beautifully. Hard cheese and soft cheese don’t faze this seemingly cheap and toy-like knife, thanks to the unique design. The Cheese Knife cuts cleanly without dragging or crumbling the cheese, and there is no sticking to the knife, so after cutting you can stick this heat resistant knife into a glass of hot water for a few seconds and it’ll be as clean as pin.

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Prodyne K-4-S Cheese Knives

Prodyne K-4-BK Cheese Knives
On the other hand, if you’re serving cheese on an attractive platter you’ll want some really good looking cheese knives to go with it, instead of a plastic knife. The Prodyne set of 4 cheese knives in stainless steel is a good choice for this. These cheese knives are one piece with the handles, made of solid and high quality stainless steel and cut cheese well. The rounded handles are great for holding, and they also come in soft grip or wooden if you don’t like stainless steel.

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Prodyne K-7-S Stainless Steel Cheese Knives

Prodyne K-7-S Stainless Steel Cheese Knives
To save space, get these cheese knives in a set of 2 for different kinds of cheese. The shorter one is for harder cheeses while the curved one with an open end works great on soft cheeses. These are small knives though, and won’t do for large cheeses. They work for spreading cheese as well, which is a nice extra.

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