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Boning is often one of the very first few steps in food preparation. A boning knife is used to remove bones from meat, poultry or fish by cutting the meat just beside the bone, instead of cutting the bone itself. Boning knife is also commonly used to butterfly a whole piece of meat such as chicken breast, pork or lamb chop.

The boning knife comes in different sizes, ranging from five inches to six and a half inches, and sometimes even longer. Unlike most kitchen knives, it features a very narrow blade used to make precision boning, especially in making deep cuts much easier.

Choosing a Boning Knife

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a boning knife is its flexibility. There is a wide range of flexibility available today and you must make sure that you are getting the one appropriate for use. A stiff boning knife is usually used for cutting red meats such as beef or pork. A stiff build lets you apply more force to make precise cuts.

On the other hand, a very flexible build is highly preferred when you are boning fish or poultry. Those meats have a softer texture and a more flexible build allows the blade to glide through the meat with agility while preserving the texture of the meat.

As a side note, boning knives are very specialized and shouldn’t be used for chopping or cutting on a board. Their unique shape makes them difficult and unsafe to cut on a board.

Best Boning Knives

Victorinox 47513 Flex Boning Knife

Victorinox 47513 6-Inch Flex Boning Knife
For a sharp boning knife that’s powerful enough to strip game, and yet flexible enough to debone fish, this Victorinox boning knife is what you need. Use it to cut away silver skin or maneuver around bones quickly and precisely. The tip is sharp and the handle is comfortable.
Best of all, this is a very affordable knife. Get it here with free shipping.

Victorinox Forschner Semi Stiff Knife

Forschner 6-inch Semi Stiff Knife
For a stiffer boning knife or a curved blade, you’ll like this semi stiff boning knife. This stamped knife is sharp from the box, is easy to handle and doesn’t slip when the handle is wet.

This is a good boning knife for tougher meats like game and beef, but may be too stiff for chicken and fish. It’s great value for the money. Get it here.

Global Cromova G-21 Flexible Boning Knife

Global Cromova G-21 Flexible Boning Knife
If you like a full metal boning knife, the Global G-21 is a great boning knife with a flex and a sharp tip. The blade works great around bones and ribs, is thin enough for precision, and sharp enough to cut meat off cleanly.

This boning knife may be expensive, but it is a high quality knife that will last. Get it here.

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  1. A really informative article. I personally like the Global G-21. As you said, it will be expensive if compare to other knives, but it is really good in the quality and last long. Recommended for boning knife.
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  2. Hey Mitch, nice article. Well done on quickly covering the key things to look for. It’s hard to beat the performance of the Victorinox knives.

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