Global Kitchen Knives

Global kitchen knives are usually loved for their unique handle design and a one-piece metal construction. Those of us who like traditional riveted poly handles may not be a fan of these cold steel knives, but those who are particular about ease of cleaning and knife balance will love the design of these good quality knives.

The handle is a triangular design that fits small hands well, and is dimpled for a safe, non-slip grip. This is highly praised by many users of Global knives.

The blades are stainless steel, thin and sharp, though they do need regular honing. Global kitchen knives are Japanese knives, and are great for people who are petite or those who enjoy a lightweight hold and great maneuverability.

Global G-2338 Starter Knife Set

Global G-2338 - 3 Piece Starter Knife Set
A good buy for Global kitchen knives is the 3-piece starter set. This is a nice and basic set of essential knives to get for anyone who doesn’t own kitchen knives yet. The 8-inch chef knife, utility knife and paring knife is just what you need to get started cooking.

Unlike heavy German blades like Wusthof or Henckels, these knives are an easier heft and come with good balance. Like most steel knives, you’ll need to hand wash them and keep them dry to avoid discoloration and rust. A diamond sharpener is good to have to keep this knife set sharp.

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Global G-48 Santoku Knife

Global G-48 Santoku Hollow Ground Knife
For those who prep a lot of vegetables, the 7-inch Santoku knife from Global is a great addition to your set. The Santoku knife is your next best friend after the chef’s knife, especially if you have a mountain of veggies to cut.

This knife slice and dice and chop beautifully with its thin and sharp blade if you know how to use it. The design of a Santoku knife lets you cut in an up and down motion quickly and easily instead of rocking it like a chef knife.

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Global GS-5 Vegetable Knife

Global GS-5 Vegetable Knife
This Global vegetable cleaver may be a better choice than the Santoku if you cook a lot of hard vegetables like squash and carrots as it has a thicker blade. This does not make it heavy though; it is a great lightweight knife with amazing sharpness and just enough heft to cut through anything except bones. However, do note that this is a small knife at 5.5 inches.

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